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About Foodkravings.com – VENDORS APPLICATION

We are Foodkravings.com, a brand of kentParse Ltd, unless otherwise stated.

By becoming a Vendor on Foodkravings.com and Providing Food Services from this Website, Apps or Any medium , You agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

1. Orders Placed via FoodKravings.com Website, whereas it is by phone, through our mobile applications or by any other available channel, must be delivered within 40mins. We ask for Prompt Preparation of Orders to enable this to be possible

2. Whereas, we do not expect this to happen often, If Client Refuses Order, or Meal, Or Food prepared by You with a GOOD REASON, you would loose the Payment. Vendors are responsible for the Quality of Food Prepared.

For those with Delivery options, you can deliver the Food within 40mins after the Order has been placed. If you fail to do this, The client might refuse the Order and you would be issued a Penalty. This Penalty might be as sever as Deleting you from the Platform without payments or loosing the Product Price.

3. Payments for Good Purchased from your Store
You would be credited within a maximum of 24hours after Delivery has been made and Client have Accepted the Order.

4. foodkravings.com would take 10-20% of exact food Purchase Cost as Payment for our Services. Rates are discussed and agreed .. vendor by vendor.

We reserve the Right to make changes from time to time to this agreement as we foresee Challenges and more


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